Saturday, May 3, 2014

Code readability is about how, not what

I often see people calling some piece of code "readable" if reads like an English-language description of the task, and uses complex programming techniques to make it actually work as a program. For example, many programs in Ruby are like that, or you can check out this post for another example in Haskell.

To me, such code doesn't look readable at all. I mostly read code in order to make changes or find bugs, or figure out something about the implementation. Complex programming techniques often make these tasks more difficult, regardless of their other benefits.

A piece of code looks readable to me if I can understand how it works, not just what it does. Using readable English identifiers is good, but it is also important to have straightforward control flow. That makes it easier to build a mental model of how the code executes. I wish more programmers paid attention to straightforward control flow, instead of using complex programming techniques to achieve surface readability.

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