Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Why the web is losing ground to app stores

Any platform has to balance the needs of consumers against the needs of creators, because it needs to attract both. It's possible to favor consumers too much at the expense of creators, by making content too easy to copy and too hard to monetize. The web might be losing ground to app stores for precisely this reason.

It's pointless to pine for the old web and complain about the greed of creators who choose to make apps instead of websites. Greed is a part of what we are. A more interesting question is how to make a system that will leverage that greed for the good of everyone. App stores may be part of the answer, but maybe something else will come along.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Science and marketing

Science is similar to inter-species competition, while marketing is similar to intra-species competition. In science we try to get better at manipulating the universe. In marketing we try to get better at manipulating each other, and waste resources that could've been used to get a bigger share of the universe.